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Angarak Yoga: Know its malefic results and Treatments – Occasions of India

Angarak Yoga: Many occasions now we have listened to this that there’s an Angarak Yoga within the Kundli however most people are unaware of this Yoga so to start with we have to learn about this Yoga and its results on horoscope.
Angarak yoga is fashioned when rahu and Mangal sits collectively in kundli or horoscope. That is generally reveals very harmful results in individual life. This dosha offers its antagonistic and dangerous results when the place of Rahu and Mars is malefic within the natal chart. Angarak denotes hearth which is the character of mars. Equally the native undergo from warmth and aggression.
Mars is hearth and Rahu is oil or shadow. Mars give aggression and Rahu makes an individual violent by amplifying the qualities of Mars and if the super vitality generated by this mixture isn’t channelised correctly, then an individual might get entangled in unlawful actions. Mars stands for exercise and Rahu signifies creativeness, so it usually creates a push and pull state of affairs or nice fluctuations for the native and makes the native indecisive.
Based on the astrologer Nandini Sharma these are the consequences of Angarak Yoga in several homes and the cures by which individuals can eliminate the malefic results of Mars and Rahu collectively.
Angarak Yoga in Completely different Homes :-
1st Home or the Ascendant – This Yoga within the 1st home makes an individual quick tempered and adamant. He might act instantly, with out a lot prudence, thought or understanding. He could also be quarrelsome and should take up fights by with out correctly understanding the opposite individual. They are often very thoughtless, insensible and in addition very inflexible at occasions.
2nd Home – This yoga within the 2nd Home might make an individual blunt and brutally frank. The native might discuss in a loud voice and should lie fairly often. They normally battle with members of the family and folks round and that is frequent facet which is noticed in these individuals. These natives even have the extreme need to earn some huge cash and so they might not even thoughts utilizing unlawful sources of earnings.
third Home – If the Angarak Yoga within the third Home then it makes the native a superb researcher, adventurous and traveller. The individual can be blunt and straight ahead in speech. This may occasionally make the individual develop a liking for adverse actions just like the one who threatens the individuals and take pleasure in quarrel very simply.
4th Home – Angarak yoga within the 4th Home might give conflicts and unsightly conditions with mom. There can be fixed conflicts with birther on property associated concern. The native will preserve stepping into heated arguments with the partner. The native is prone to get into building or land enterprise and earn cash from property. Some occasions they could face litigation concern on property.
fifth Home – Angarak yoga within the fifth Home could make you an aggressive individual and the individual all the time has need of incomes cash in a short time. They take pleasure in a number of relationships. Romantic attachment might break many occasions. They might have conflicts with their elder youngster.
sixth Home – Angarak yoga within the sixth home might give hypertension and fever. They might get contain in conflicts at work place and variations with seniors. They’ve points with their brother on ancestral property and so they deal with them as their enemy. Court docket instances may preserve creating troubles. This placement may bless the individual with extraordinary braveness, success competitions and the flexibility to take over enemies and defeat them.
seventh Home – Angarak yoga in seventh home could cause divorce or separation. It could possibly trigger home violence and blaming. These individuals have extramarital affairs and relationships.
eighth Home – The Angarak Yoga within the eighth Home can will increase the probabilities of accidents and sudden well being points like pores and skin illnesses. You will have to bear many surgical procedures. They will turn out to be a superb researcher or could also be a scientist.
ninth Home – Angarak yoga within the ninth home might ship the native overseas for increased research. It might give conflicts and arguments with father, Gurus and academics. The native might obtain sudden success of their profession but when the jupiter is beneficial of their chart then they take pleasure in their success for a very long time and in case the place of jupitar isn’t good then they may face downfall after someday.
tenth Home – Angarak yoga within the tenth Home they individuals might get take pleasure in unlawful actions like theft, might turn out to be gangsters and so forth. They’re into property dealing, building enterprise and builders. If the place is nice then they select their profession in secret businesses or Defence. Being an individual of rebellious nature, the native might preserve difficult the individuals in positions of authority.
eleventh Home – Angarak yoga within the eleventh home might make the native get into fights with elder siblings. These natives could also be sociable. Cash-lending enterprise, media, cinema and share markets will be opted as a career. They need to earn fast cash by playing, lottery and another unlawful methods. They get profit from property and constructing materials.
twelfth Home – Angarak yoga within the twelfth home might ship the native overseas. It might additionally make one spend on luxurious gadgets. There could also be enormous surprising losses. Holding previous situations in thoughts, these natives begin fights with others. Import-Export enterprise, pilots, airhostesses, civil engineers are among the fields which will be opted for enterprise. They might face litigation concern.
1. The individuals who have Angarak Yoga of their horoscope, should carry out Angarak Yoga Puja and for that they’re suggested to go to Angareshwar Mahadev Temple which is located in Ujjain and puja can be carried out in Mangal Nath Temple which can be positioned in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh).
2. One ought to donate their blood a couple of times in a 12 months.
3. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day and Sundar Kand Paath on each Tuesday and Saturday.
4. Go to Hanuman Mandir on each Tuesday and Saturday.
5. Take a coconut stuffed with water, break it in entrance of the idol of Lord Hanuman and supply it to the Lord.

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