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COVID-19 Scan for Oct 25, 2022

Highest-density US metro areas had greater COVID-19 demise price in 2020

Age-adjusted US COVID-19 demise charges in 2020 have been 30% greater in giant, central metropolitan areas than in medium-sized cities, finds a brand new Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) evaluation.

The researchers examined COVID-19 demise charges in six various kinds of areas—giant central metropolitan, giant fringe metropolitan, medium metropolitan, small metropolitan, and micropolitan rural and nonmetropolitan rural—by intercourse and age-group.

COVID-19 demise charges have been highest in giant, central metropolitan areas, at 97.7 per 100,000 folks, 30% greater than the 75.0-per-100,000 demise price in medium metropolitan areas, the place demise charges have been the bottom. Demise charges have been 90.6 and 86.5 in noncore and micropolitan rural areas, respectively, and 78.2 and 75.0 in small metropolitan and huge fringe metropolitan areas, respectively.

Charges differed by intercourse, with the best proportion of males dying in probably the most city areas (129.3 per 100,000), whereas females’ highest charges have been in probably the most city and most rural areas (72.8 and 73.8, respectively). In all areas, COVID-19 demise charges have been at the very least 50% greater amongst males than females, with the biggest hole in giant, central metropolitan areas (78% greater).

Amongst folks 65 years and older, male COVID-19 demise charges have been highest in probably the most city areas, whereas these for females have been highest in each probably the most city and most rural areas. Within the youthful age-group, the very best demise price was amongst males in probably the most city areas (41.5 per 100,000), adopted by noncore and micropolitan rural (33.7 and 29.8, respectively) and huge fringe metropolitan areas (27.7). Amongst youthful females, these in noncore rural areas had the very best demise price (24.2), whereas these in giant fringe metropolitan areas had the bottom (13.6).

“These outcomes present how a extra detailed measure of urbanicity can lead to a extra exact evaluation of COVID-19 demise charges than is feasible with the standard urban-rural dichotomy,” the authors wrote.
Oct 25 CDC data brief


Bodily exercise might increase effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

A brand new examine ties elevated bodily exercise to better effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, with greater exercise ranges related to better safety. The examine was printed yesterday within the British Journal of Sports activities Drugs.

The examine was based mostly on the digital well being data and wearable fitness-tracking gadgets of hundreds of vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare staff in South Africa, together with these with low (underneath 60 minutes per week), medium (at the very least 60 to 149 minutes per week), and excessive (greater than 150 minutes per week) ranges of bodily exercise.

COVID-19 swab take a look at outcomes have been analyzed for 53,771 contributors with low ranges of bodily exercise, 62,721 with medium ranges, and 79,952 with excessive ranges. Take a look at outcomes have been for the time between Feb 16 and Oct 30, 2021.

Vaccine effectiveness towards a COVID-19-related hospital admission amongst vaccinated people throughout the low-activity group was 60.0% (95% [confidence interval] CI, 39.0 to 73.8), 72.1% (95% CI, 55.2 to 82.6) for the moderate-activity group, and 85.8% (95% CI, 74.1 to 92.2) for the high-activity group.

“The explanations for the elevated impact of vaccination in energetic people nonetheless need to be elucidated however could also be a mix of enhanced antibody ranges, improved T cell immunosurveillance and psychosocial elements,” the authors write. “Public well being messaging ought to encourage bodily exercise as a easy, cost-effective approach of enhancing vaccine effectiveness to mitigate the danger of extreme COVID-19 sickness requiring hospital admission.”

The authors mentioned earlier analysis has proven comparable immune-boosting results of train amongst influenza vaccine recipients.
Oct 24 Br J Sports activities Med

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