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Manglik Dosha: Know its results and treatments – Occasions of India

Manglik Dosha:Mangal Dosha is also called Manglik Dosha and Kuja Dosha in Tamil and it’s thought of as one of the influential and intense Dosha in a horoscope. In north India, Mars can also be recognized by the planet Mangal whereas in South India, it’s given a reputation as Chevvai or Sevvai.
In Vedic Astrology few planets similar to – Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are thought of as malefic in nature whereas planet Mars is taken into account as warrior or commander. It has a preventing skill. It acts like a soldier. Mars solely desires to maintain a watch over his enemies with out pondering an excessive amount of as it’s thought of as aggressive planet.
People who find themselves influenced with the Mars nature, they do possess some form of this traits of their character. It is usually often known as God of Struggle. It’s the planet which causes vitality, aggression, anger and wishes.
Mars additionally represents the attraction between two reverse sexes. Resulting from this nature, it performs very distinguished function in marriages of individuals. Although it offers want and vitality inside an individual, however it may be malefic as effectively for marital life.
If the planet Mars is positioned within the twelfth home, 1st home, 4th home, seventh home or eighth home from Lagna or Ascendant, then it varieties Mangal Dosha in a single’s Beginning Chart. Based on the South Indian Astrologers Mars within the 2nd home is taken into account for Sevvai Dosham (Mangal Dosha).
Manglik Dosha: Results
If Mars is located within the 1st home –
The first home represents the home of partner. Thus it usually impacts the married life resulting in pointless conflicts. It may additionally result in bodily assault and violence. Resulting from such unacceptable conduct such an individual may endure from pressure, misery, separation and even divorce.
If Mars is located within the 2nd home –
An individual’s household life is affected. It additionally creates obstacles within the married life and the skilled life.
If Mars is located within the 4th home –
It will have hostile results on the skilled entrance. Such an individual will swap jobs and likewise won’t achieve success professionally. Monetary bother will maintain lurking.
If Mars is located within the seventh home –
Such an individual has an excessive amount of of vitality and shall be ill-tempered leading to not having the ability to preserve cordial relationship with relations. Additionally this individual shall be very dominating and dictating over his or her accomplice and s/he may additionally have many companions.
If Mars is within the eighth home –
Such an individual shall be lazy and won’t be able to keep up a rapport together with his or her elders and thus will lose paternal property.
If Mars is located within the twelfth home –
Manglik people could have enemies. She/he may also endure from psychological issues and monetary losses.
Manglik Dosha: Cures
1. First treatment is to get Manglik Dosha Puja completed at a distinguished place – Mangal Nath Temple located in Ujjain.
2. Feminine Manglik individual ought to carry out Vivah with Lord Shaligram or Kumbh Vivah earlier than getting married whereas male manglik individual should carry out puja with Goddess Tulsi to do away with malefic results of Manglik Dosha.
3. Donate Pink Masur Daal (Pulse), pink garments and jaggery to the needy individuals.
4. Manglik Individuals must also donate blood as soon as in a 12 months or two.
5. Go to Hanuman Temple each day and chant Hanuman Chalisa.
Om Karaam Kreem Krom Saha Bhaumaye Namah..!!

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